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 Hope Legion 228 News 2010-2014

Congratulations to the 2014 Bursary Winners: 

Emily Flexhaug                   $1,000.00

Kelsey Luinge                     $500.00

Bendex Hollman                 $500.00


Royal Canadian Legion Cribbage Award

Madison Kuhn                         $500.00

Congratulations to the 2013 Bursary Winners:

$1,000.00 to Emily Flexhaug


$500.00 to M. DeGroot   
$500.00 to Greg Zervini

Congratulations to the 2012 Bursary Winners:

Travis Taylor, Megan McCallister and Rachel Deschenes

Congratulations to the 2011 Bursary Winners:

  1. Crystal Peters

  2. Samson Brown

  3. Abel Brown







Coral Fife, Pat Besse, Jean Baker, Mary Loupret and Leane Tourigny in which the legion donated $600.00 towards the Canadian Cancer Society...


Royal Canadian Legion  Scholarship Winners 2011

Ladies Auxiliary Award*$500*Craig McDonald

Ladies Auxiliary Award*$500*Mark Webber

Mens Award*$1000*Sammy Brown

Mens Award*$1000*Abel Brown

Mens Award*$1000*Crystal Peters

April 25,2011

Silent Action

We would like to thank everyone for the donations and for participating. The money made will go a long way to helping support our Legion activities.


 50 Year Gold Medal 

Fred Sleasman

Al Steeves

50 Year Gold Medal (Posthumously Awarded)       Bud Traun

55 Year Bar

Al Steeves

Len Clausen

Jack Lawrence      

45 Year Pin  

Joe Ridgway

Leanne Tourigny

Ian Williams

Burt Davies

 40 Year Pin 

Richard May

Gerald Ness

Joe Lamy

35 Year Pin

Bob High      

Ben Bowey

Deanna Thokle

Lois Ridgway

Spencer DeAngelis

Al Kelley

Larry Porter

 30 Year Pin 

Bob Ridgway   

Roman Petryk

Sharon Ness

Don Orcherton

Karen Steeves

Don Druet

25 Year Pin 

Fay Stewart       

Ken Stevens

Barb Tourigny

Dodie Schiefermier

Gary Keim

Carol Reid

Astri Rupert

Eleanor Callopy

Mary Goodman

Kerry Steeves

Dick Gardner

Barry Dollis

Marge Dollis

Craig Wheeler

20 Year Pin

Mary DeAngelis

Certificate of Appreciation      David Flexhaug, Cooper’s Food

Youth/Education    Walter Pankew, Leadership

Past Officer’s Medal/ House Chairman Bar      Terry-Lynn Bowcott

 Past Officer’s Medal/ Secretary Bar      Sylvia Byers

 Treasurer’s Bar    Shawn Keim

Past President’s Medal      Caesar Soares

Executive Committee Bar      Al Bremner

Pat Officer’s Medal/ Executive Committee Bar      Yvette Kreke

Service Officer’s Bar        Dick Gardner

Past Officer’s Bar/ Executive Committee Bar         Lynn Barker

Youth/Education       Richard May
 Building Chairman/Business Card Holder       Wally Kreke

 Certificates of Appreciation

Leanne Tourigny

Wally & Yvette Kreke

Gerald & Sharon Ness

Glen & Fay Stewart

Ken & Heather Bergstrom

Delaney Bergstrom

Mike & Terry-Lynn Bowcott

Laurie Hansen

Cheryl & Frank Bone

Robert High

Don McKay

Grey & Katie Templeman

Our Legion needs our help

By Simone Rolph - Hope Standard
Published: November 15, 2010 4:00 PM
Updated: November 15, 2010 4:33 PM

Each year on November 11th the community rallies around those who serve and have served to protect our country in times of war. The number of participants in the parade – an entire block long – was inspiring. Following the grand pipers, the wave of red serge, firefighters, rescue volunteers, and our local vets, was a mass of youth from our cadets, to the scouts, to a huge showing by the high school band. Take pride in your participation; you did your community proud.

Where does the Hope Legion go from today? Again to be forgotten for another year?

They welcomed us in for lunch, they fed our kids, and they thanked us for participating in their effort to recognize those who have lost their lives in past and current conflicts.

And the Legion does so much more than organizing the yearly memorial service ---they also support our local vets all year long. They give thousands and thousands of dollars each year back to local community causes – funds raised through their keno and downstairs lounge.

And the Legion is struggling.

With the new drinking driving laws, many of their regulars are staying home, seemingly in fear of the confusing legal blood alcohol limits. The Legion is now locking its doors to its members on Monday and Tuesdays. Without the revenue from its regulars, the Legion is taking a hit. As one Legion executive member noted: Instead of engaging in human interaction, seniors are now alone in their rooms having a drink and learning to gamble on-line.

And with few young people in their ranks, as time passes, the Legion’s customer base is seriously eroding.

So is its ability to aid our community. As advertised, the extremely popular Halloween party for the youth was cancelled this year due to a lack of volunteers.

We must remember that when we pay our respects to a beloved one – the Legion Memorial Hall is our community church. When we celebrate the joining of a young couple, the Legion Memorial Hall is where we rejoice. When we hold our community craft sale, our fundraising gala, and our awards ceremonies, the Legion Memorial Hall is our only large venue. A costly building that we rent for only $275 dollars for the night.

The Hope Legion needs your support. Even if you do not partake in the lounge activities, consider buying a yearly membership in support of the organization beyond the November 11 services.

If you are so inclined, check out the Legion’s facilities and events on-line at www.hopelegion228.ca

The community should march alongside the Legion 365 days a year -- not only in remembrance and respect, but also in support of the Legion volunteers who do so much for our community.

Scholarship Awards 2010

Ladies Auxiliary Awards

Presenter-Anita Parker

$500.00-Shalyn Parker

$500.00-Wilson Willock

Men's Awards

Presenter-Wally Kreke

$1000.00-Delaney Bergstrom

Presenter-Tammy Bremner

$1000.00-Justin Gardner

$1000.00-Nicholas Fullbrook